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Why Your Current Skill Set Might Not Be Enough - Whereas jobs that rely on primarily one skill have shown a decrease in pay, positions that are multifaceted in nature are seeing healthy growth.
Don’t Panic, Liberal Arts Majors. The Tech World Wants You. - The ever-expanding tech sector is now producing career opportunities in fields that specifically require the skills taught in the humanities.
There is Work in Digital Tech, Regardless of Background - For all of the liberal arts majors, college dropouts, people looking for a new career or anyone else thinking about the field, I hope my path gives you hope.
Why Every Tech Worker Needs a Humanities Education - "Many of the builders of technology today haven’t spent enough time thinking about the implications for the world."
Tyler Technologies Seeks Talent at the Academy - With offices in Falmouth and Bangor, as well as across the U.S., Tyler Technologies is one of Maine’s premier employers and a UNE Academy of Digital Sciences partner.
First Session Academy Learner Accepts Paid Internship at IDEXX - Sam Saleh is on the move. After completing the Digital Essentials course at UNE’s Academy of Digital Sciences, Sam has accepted a paid internship at IDEXX Laboratories in the company’s IT department.
The Nature of Work – Maine Workforce Outlook 2012-2022 - The nature of work increasingly demands higher levels of literacy and more sophisticated competencies, including critical thinking, problem solving, reading comprehension, effective communication, and decision making.
The Parts of America Most Susceptible to Automation - The authors estimate that almost all large American metropolitan areas may lose more than 55 percent of their current jobs because of automation in the next two decades.
Bosses Believe Your Work Skills Will Soon Be Useless - “The most important skills to have in life are gained through interpersonal experiences, which stimulate real compassion, empathy, vulnerability and social-emotional intelligence.”
A Skills Gap From College to Career Doesn’t Exist. It’s the Awareness Gap We Need to Fix. - Excerpt from EdSurge — April 2017 A popular narrative in the employment market today is that a “skills gap” exists between the abilities employers seek in candidates and the capabilities that new college graduates gain through postsecondary education. Beyond skills readily demonstrable from college curriculum (primarily cognitive skills and technical skills), employers complain about the … Continue reading A Skills Gap From College to Career Doesn’t Exist. It’s the Awareness Gap We Need to Fix.
TechHire Grant Provides Free Tuition and Support for Mainers to Train for Digital Careers at UNE - The UNE Academy has been chosen as a learning provider by Coastal Counties Workforce, Inc. (CCWI) to help people upgrade their skills in the digital age.
UNE Fast-tracks Courses in Digital Sciences to Upgrade Maine Workforce - The University of New England is hoping to fast-boot Maine’s employment growth by creating a series of accelerated courses with the help of major employers.
UNE Academy Seeking New Team Members - The University of New England’s Academy of Digital Sciences is hiring! We are seeking a full-time Professional Advisor and part-time Professional Mentors to serve learners in our new accelerated programs in the digital sciences.
Digital Workplace: How HR Will Change In 2017 - Excerpt from CactusSoft Analytics — December 2016 20th century organizational structures (classical hierarchies and top-down management and decision making) is dying – giving rise to devolved decision making by cross functional teams who work in sprints of activity, are funded via micro-budgets and able to deliver at unheard of speeds.   Digital transformation is not … Continue reading Digital Workplace: How HR Will Change In 2017
UNE’s Latest Innovation: The Academy of Digital Sciences - The University of New England is proud to announce the launch of the UNE Academy of Digital Sciences, Maine’s first accelerated professional certificate series covering a full-spectrum of digital skills that lead from curiosity to career.
Can-Do-Hub: The GitHub of Competencies - By 2020, the U.S. economy will create 55 million job openings ... that emphasize skills like active listening as well as leadership, communication, analytics and administration competencies.
Fast Forward 2030: The Future of Work and the Workplace - Excerpt from CBRE — November 2016 People seek a holistic life: they want to work with intelligent people on exciting and rewarding projects where they can be creative and left alone to get the job done; values and purpose are as important as money; working for social good is an option; and they want to … Continue reading Fast Forward 2030: The Future of Work and the Workplace
Attracting and Engaging Talent with Open Badges - At a recent conference, IBM's David Leaser spoke about changes in the 21st-century workplace and new approaches to talent attraction and development.
Seeking Professional Mentors - The University of New England’s new Digital Sciences Academy is seeking part-time Professional Mentor positions to work with students both in person and virtually
Introducing UNE Academy of Digital Sciences - The Office of Strategic Initiatives is pleased to announce the Winter 2017 launch of the UNE Academy.
Trends in America’s Advanced Industries - According to Brookings, digital services comprised over half of the advanced sector jobs created in 2013-15.
Where machines could replace humans—and where they can’t (yet) - From McKinsey Quarterly — July 2016 The hardest activities to automate with currently available technologies are those that involve managing and developing people (9 percent automation potential) or that apply expertise to decision making, planning, or creative work (18 percent). These activities, often characterized as knowledge work, can be as varied as coding software, creating … Continue reading Where machines could replace humans—and where they can’t (yet)
Aligning the Organization for its Digital Future - Excerpt from the MIT Sloan Review — July 2016 Many companies are responding to an increasingly digital market environment by adding roles with a digital focus or changing traditional roles to have a digital orientation. The list of “digital” business roles and functions is extensive and growing. There are now digital strategists, chief digital officers, … Continue reading Aligning the Organization for its Digital Future
Star Spangled Geeks: The US Digital Service - Excerpt from Backchannel — July 2016 In 2014, the White House formed the United States Digital Service. The USDS intends to replicate, assembly-line-style, the sprint that saved Using talent recruited on the basis of patriotism and the promise of impactful work, USDS tries to target similar moribund projects, or problems that could be addressed … Continue reading Star Spangled Geeks: The US Digital Service
IDEXX CIO Ken Grady on Nontraditional Career Paths - Ken Grady has been actively involved in efforts to establish paths to technology careers for communities who don’t usually end up there—specifically for US veterans.
How US Government Workers Collaborate Virtually - 18F is an office of federal employees acting as a civic digital consultancy for the government. Because we work on distributed teams so frequently, we've developed certain strategies for working well.
Seeking Thought Leaders in Health Analytics - Milcord — an innovative software company solving the world's data and cyber security challenges — is seeking industry thought leaders on occupational, physical, emotional, social wellness
Two UNE Employees Present at Maine Startup and Create Week - "At the heart of all care is a need for well-designed technology and processes that are designed for the entire care team – which includes the patient and their support system."
Making History, Empowering Students with Wikipedia - Students came to see the world and themselves in a new way, were moved to share their knowledge publicly, grew to be confident in themselves, and felt empowered to use their voices to raise awareness and affect change.
Civic Tech: Movements, Voices and Values - "Let's define ourselves not by how we talk about ourselves or what we build, but by how we support existing efforts and partners in our communities."