Mike Preble

Mike Preble joined the University of New England Office of Strategic Initiatives in September 2016 as the Program Manager for the UNE Academy of Digital Sciences. Before joining UNE, he spent 10 years helping learners bridge the gap between education and employment within the worlds of programming, computational thinking and digital sciences.

Mike has worked as a trainer, software developer and IT administrator in private industry as well as a teacher and project coordinator at United Technologies Center and The University of Southern Maine. His after school program, The Maine Game, has helped and supported many high school and college students develop video games for multiple non-profit organizations around Maine.

Drawing from his students’ collective passion and work ethic, Mike has a commitment to creating rigorous and relevant programs for learners at all levels and abilities. He fuses his professional experiences in software development and information technology with a talent designing engaging and impactful learning experiences.

“When I started making software, websites and databases I had no choice but to find relevant, leading edge education resources that helped me stay current in a highly competitive profession. I have always had a passion for learning, which brought me into education.”

In his role at DSA, Mike will develop and design self-paced, applied learning experiences that will allow students to not only bridge the gap between the classroom and workplace, but help them develop their own learning passions and pathways.