Project Spark: Redesign Craigslist

screen-shot-2017-01-15-at-8-15-18-amThis Project Spark should take about 5 minutes to read. You may view this Spark on all size screens or print it out for future reference.

Career field(s)

  • Development and Programming: YES
  • User Experience and Interface: YES
  • Analysis and Data: YES
  • Project Management: YES


Congratulations! You just got hired as part of the team that is going to revitalize  The online yard sale juggernaut decided it was time to modernize their interface and add functionality.


Here are some things they want to accomplish:

  • Enable content that is not location specific
  • Drive more users into using their calendar
  • Modernize the user interface
  • Make the user experience more engaging through a review system like eBay
  • Filter illegal content automatically