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Welcome to the UNE Academy Resources Hub! This is the place where we’ve gathered guides, templates, documents, articles, and other resources for all Academy courses, including your own. You may view any of these resources on all size screens or print them out for future reference. Bookmark this page for future reference.

(General information about UNE Academy sessions and courses is available on our core website: une.edu/academy.)

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Getting Started

  • Orientation Guide – Everything you need to know to get started at the UNE Academy. Please take a look as soon as you can to get familiar with us.
  • Getting Started with Blackboard – Once you get your access email from your mentor, you need to change your password and primary email address. Here’s how.


These guides are at the heart of every UNE Academy course. Get familiar with them. You’ll return each time you enroll in a new course.

  • Orientation Guide – Everything you need to know about the UNE Academy.
  • Competencies Guide – Employers are seeking these professional and project competencies, and they are the ones you’ll be experiencing at the Academy.
  • Project Guide – An overview of the project process and phases at the heart of the UNE Academy.
  • Guide to Preparing Your Pitch – Make the most of your limited time with employers and professionals.

Reporting Templates

These are the two documents you’ll be using throughout your course to record your progress. Save them to a safe location on your device, or put them in an online editor. Each week, you’ll be adding updates to the end of both and submitting to your mentor.

  • Career SWOT Template (docx) – What strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats do you want to better understand to help you move forward in your career?  (v1.0, 1/20/17)
  • Professional Reflections (PR) document (docx) – Every week, you’ll add your observations to this template, with the final edited version to be shared with employers. (v1.1, 1/20/17)
  • Project template (docx) – Each week, you will complete each section of this template, with the final edited version to be shared with employers. (v1.0, 1/15/17)

Project Pool

Here are suggestions for possible Discovery Projects you can build upon. If this is your first UNE Academy course, we have created “My First Project” with more detailed directions to get started.

More Resources

These optional documents are available to satisfy your curiosity.

  • About the Digital Sciences – Information about the main career groups in Digital Sciences.
  • Digital Sciences Career Groups (PDF) – Descriptions of each of the 4 major career groups, aligned to personality types, and including references to future occupational paths. (1/23/17)
  • Software Recommendations – Beyond the progress documents you’ll upload each week, you can submit links to video presentations that present your vision. Here are recommendations for software you can use.


These syllabi outline all elements in each course, including the competencies assessed. Syllabi can change each 8-week session.


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