Tyler Technologies Seeks Talent at the Academy

Tyler Technologies Seeks Talent at the Academy

With offices in Falmouth and Bangor, as well as across the U.S., Tyler Technologies is one of Maine’s premier employers and a UNE Academy of Digital Sciences partner. Helping inform the Academy’s curriculum and model, partners like Tyler are key to our learners’ success. Tyler Vice President Angela Gaudreau knows that the success of programs like the Academy is key for her company’s growth here in Maine and beyond.

“As a technology company with an employment projection of 10% growth for the foreseeable future, Tyler Technologies understands the need for current technical skills in the workforce,” says Vice President, Angela Gaudreau. “UNE’s Academy of Digital Sciences meets this need, providing a valuable resource for students and providing employers with a workforce that has the necessary skills and qualifications.”

Tyler Technologies is the largest U.S. software company solely focused on providing integrated software and technology services to the public sector — cities, counties, states and school districts. Tyler creates, delivers and supports software solutions and services that help local governments and schools manage complex, day-to-day business functions. With a wide clientele and broad product portfolio, Tyler’s team includes project managers, software engineers and developers, user experience designers, and data analysts; Tyler also offers internships in all of its function areas. The UNE Academy of Digital Sciences encourages students to identify their passions so they can identify a career path the suits their goals and serve employers’ needs.

“Programs like UNE’s Academy of Digital Sciences is unique in that its curriculum is a collaborative effort between Maine’s technical employers and the Academy, lending it the credibility and viability not found in traditional technical or digital programs,” says Gaudreau. “It includes hands-on mentorship from participating employers, while offering the flexibility and accessibility of an online accelerated format that will ensure traditional as well as non-traditional students learn the skills that match the growing number of technical jobs here in Maine.”

  • For more information about Tyler Technologies go to: tylertech.com
  • For more information about the UNE Academy of Digital Sciences go to: une.edu/academy