UNE Academy of Digital Sciences

The UNE Academy of Digital Sciences provides online-offline courses that give learners accelerated instruction in the professional and digital skills that are in demand by local employers. Learn more.

Recent Updates

Don’t Panic, Liberal Arts Majors. The Tech World Wants You. - The ever-expanding tech sector is now producing career opportunities in fields that specifically require the skills taught in the humanities.
There is Work in Digital Tech, Regardless of Background - For all of the liberal arts majors, college dropouts, people looking for a new career or anyone else thinking about the field, I hope my path gives you hope.
Why Every Tech Worker Needs a Humanities Education - "Many of the builders of technology today haven’t spent enough time thinking about the implications for the world."
Tyler Technologies Seeks Talent at the Academy - With offices in Falmouth and Bangor, as well as across the U.S., Tyler Technologies is one of Maine’s premier employers and a UNE Academy of Digital Sciences partner.
First Session Academy Learner Accepts Paid Internship at IDEXX - Sam Saleh is on the move. After completing the Digital Essentials course at UNE’s Academy of Digital Sciences, Sam has accepted a paid internship at IDEXX Laboratories in the company’s IT department.